Our Mission:

To provide investment opportunities to investors who are looking for long term passive income, excellent returns, and an alternative to Wall Street.


The Venture Group was established with a very distinct purpose - to provide investment opportunities with excellent returns and low risk to investors.

With a focus on cash flow and value add opportunities, we've developed a cutting edge process for sourcing, buying, renovating, renting and managing properties in multiple states in different markets.

Our goal is to assemble diversified portfolios of cash flowing single family and multiple family properties that give investors the financial benefit of owning investment real estate, without the headaches of property management, renovation management and resident issues.

Our objective is to provide investors an excellent return on investment while also providing safe and affordable housing.


Our primary strategy is to source, acquire, add value and increase the net operating income of properties in underserved, but highly desirable areas in fast growing markets across the US. There is a huge and growing demand for affordable, safe rental housing.

As more and more employers offer opportunities for working from home and telecommuting, areas of the Midwest and Southeast markets have become more desirable due to cost of living and overall quality of life.

What We Have Achieved

  • Formation of teams in local markets which source deals, provide local market statistics and renovation timelines and budgets
  • Creation of renovation management & property management systems for value add opportunities
  • Creation of new households for hundreds of families

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